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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy"

Remember Matthew Sweet had an album called 100% Fun? Well, that's not the title of this album, but it is a perfect description for the music of MFC Chicken. This band has mastered the rock n soul sound that is as greasy as the chicken it sings about so frequently.
A great example of the fun sound and lyrics of this band is found in "Get Outta the) DJ Booth". This song describes a situation encountered by every DJ (the kind that spins records at a club, not some wanker that presses play on a MacBook). The narrator sings about he gets annoyed when he's spinning records and gets requests for songs (like Elton John, for instance) that he would never play. Take note, loyal reader. Get a sense for what the DJ is playing, and don't ask him to play some cheesy tune that you love.
If you want a great example of the greasy 60's garage sound, check out "Voodoo Chicken". Not only does this song sound like it was recorded sometime in the 60s, but like songs of that time, it is less than two minutes long. Another great example is "Hot Friend". This song is mostly instrumental, going heavy on the "cathouse sax" as it was once described to me. Aside from that, the song is punctuated by hand claps, whistles, and the only two words in the song, which just happen to comprise the title.
This is a really good album. Every song will get you shaking what you've got (you just can't help it when you hear that sax). More than that, every song is fun. This is the kind of album that you want to share with your friends. It's also the kind of album that you want to play loudly in your car and sing at the top of your lungs. You know, to the point that you get funny looks from people in adjacent cars. Hey, they're just jealous because you're having more fun in your car than they are in theirs. Solid Gravy is available now from Dirty Water Records. If you want some fun, hip-shaking music, this is an album you must have. Don't be surprised if this album gets you shouting "Show me the gravy, baby!

Gary Schwind


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