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Shindig! Reviews: The Revellions “Give It Time”

The follow up to 2008’s eponymous debut from the Dubliners’ clearly hasn’t been without growing pains. One lost singer later and they are back. Should you care? If you have any interest in growly garage blues that mixes in The Music Machine with Beefheart then it’s an emphatic ‘yes’. The organ is still high in the mix, but like the excellent 2011 single ‘Sighs’ signposted there’s a new Mariachi horn element to the sound, giving a refreshing rootsy feel to the 60s garage template. From the murky downer-punk of opener ‘Bitter & Twisted’ to soulful ‘Don’t Wait For Me’ to the cinematic instrumental ‘The Waltz’ they’ve mined gold. The production isn’t doing them any favours, and they lack a melodic killer single to suggest a breakthrough. Yet repeated spins gives you time to luxuriate in the dark heart and soul of a band who have thrown off any temporary shackles to get here. Phil Moore/Shindig!

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