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Raw Power Magazine: The Revellions “Give It Time”

Yet another review of the brilliant new REVELLIONS album, this time from France’s Raw Power Magazine. Thanks to Monsieur Eric Baconstrip of King Salami and the Cumberland 3 for the translation into English:

GIVE IT TIME… The Revellions took quite some time to offer us the following opus to their brilliant first throw! 6 years after all…Even though the band came back in 2012 with a single, we thought they were gone again & its members were dispersed. Until we’ve heard about this imminent new album coming out!

Mind you, at the first listen, we thought it was a different band, with such a different sound from the fury these Irish guys were generating in their 1st record. More than just quieter/calmer, it’s the whole band approach that’s different. Long gone is the time where they were throwing at you a thrilling garage punk full of panache, with the amp turned up in the red. Now the band is more adventurous, using horns, mariachi guitars, borrowing from country rock.

The change is radical. The result is nevertheless admirable, both on their up tempo or mid tempo songs.

But the most remarkable, its that even with such a departure, we recognise the style of the band, that fuzz, solid rhythm section, inspired Farfisa et especially the unique character /personality of James Lister the vocalist. He still manages to keep it intense & without any effort on these songs. The intro track BITTER & TWISTED is the perfect example.

SIGHS, the quality single from 2012, who surprised us so much with its mariachi vibe, really finds its place here, in this heteroclyte but homogenous record.. DONT WAIT FOR ME and its horns section, like a Saints track from the album PREHISTORIC SOUNDS, turns into a garage soul number reminiscing of TOKYO SEX DESTRUCTION. Sign of a new direction, the 5 minutes of GIVE IT TIME, a nugget of psychedelic rock where the fury of the guitars works wonderfully, or the DOORS-like SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN who broadens the musical palette of these Irish. The band gets even touching when they follow Johnny Cash’s footsteps (STRUNG OUT BAD).

If you are ready to accept the fact that the Revellions aren’t the garage band we once knew, this GIVE IT TIME, solid and sometimes inspired, is definitely a real success. And how can you not fall for a title such as IN VINO VERITAS??

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