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Vive le Rock: The Arrogants "Introducing ..."

Arrogant nuggets from youthful French blues rockers.  8/10
Reflecting similar fixations with ‘60s garage rock and r’n’b as The Strypes – though more Standells than the Yardbirds – The Arrogants, a quartet of young ‘blues from a gun’ hipsters, deliver an impressive set of organ-driven beats.  Whilst sceptics cast disdain at such organically minded youths and their obvious allegiance to past influences, it would be criminal to deny the time-defying impact of these shots of minimalist blues for the lost generation.  The sound track of wild, undiluted rhythm and blues injected with the unrestrained energy of youth is simply hard to beat:  their enthusiasm and craft both impressive and intoxicating.  ‘Introducing’ is a four-track, mod-friendly sampler of The Arrogants imminent album and if the quality of these slabs of ‘Drunky Blues’ is indicative – the future of rock ’n’ roll is still firmly in the right hands.

Tom Beasley


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