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Record label of the year!

Dirty Water Records is pleased and proud to announce we have been named Label of the Year for 2014 by Fungal Punk (http://www.fungalpunknature.co.uk/).  Many thanks to Dave at Fungal for the accolade but even more for his support over the years.

LABEL OF THE YEAR - Long overdue this award and it goes to a label that sits outside the radar of many circles in which I find myself much to the punters loss. The glorious glut of tuneage that comes my way via this productive conveyer belt of solid sonica is quite astounding and over several years now I have had the pleasure to listen to and assess much outpouring from the likes of such gratifying noise makers as Thee Exciters, The Dustaphonics, Johnny Throttle, De Keefmen, King Salami and the Cumberland 3, Kneejerk Reactions, MFC Chicken, The Despondents, The Revellions, The Thanes, The Vicars and The Youth to name just a few. The list is mesmerising and as I write I have several releases to review and each one is sounding bang on the mark - what can I say. Oh yes - Dirty Water Records take the praise and take my advice - keep doing what you are doing - quite simply, it's superb!



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