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Vive le Rock: The Youth "Nothing But ..."

This Copenhagen four-piece strut their '60s garage blues brilliantly on a scorching debut album.  Crammed with snappy guitar breaks and solos, such as on opener 'Come On', there's an urgency permeating from their foot-tapping rhythms on 'Girls Like You', as their loose sounding grungy groovs grabs you via its appealing unpolished edginess, the gruff vocals complimenting perfectly their brash backbeat.  The harmonica fuelled punchy pop of 'Bubblegum' captures the spirit of these utterly enjoyable, energetic eulogies to failed love and relationship dynamics, whilst the handclaps and guitar gush on 'Vicious' works wonderfuly well.  The brain-burrowing chorus, backing vocals and stomping drumbeat of 'About To Run' is another standout, whilst closing track 'Baby I'm Back' is the slowest cut, highlighting that The Youth can further develop their diversity to greater heights.  9 out of 10  Mark Chadderton

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