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Pure Rawk: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

If you're one of those old-skool garage fans who are waiting for King Salami and the Cumberland Three to put out their next album then I think I may have just found a quick temporty fix for you while we wait.  Also on the Dirty Water label, there's more than a passing resemblence between MFC Chicken and the aforementioned King Salami and co.  Except instead of being fixated on sausages, these guys, as their name suggests (they're named after a takeaway over in Holloway), have a bit of an obessession with chicken.  Seriously, if someone hasn't tried to link the two bands up on a 'sausages 'n' chicken' tour already then the matter relly needs to be rectified asap.

Anyway, MFC Chicken play a similarly tight brand of garage rock with soul/r&b leanings to The Cumberland Three and it's pretty damn good if you ask me.  Music to tap yer toes and shake yer hips to, you can see Solid Gravy! working very well in the live arena. The majority of the songs appear to be, as mentioned earlier, somewhet... ummm... pre-occupied with poultry ('Chicken 'Bout You', 'Voodoo Chicken', 'Show Me The Gravy, Baby', 'Don't Wanna Talk About Chicken', the list goes on and on) but the likes of 'Get Out Of The DJ Booth' (about DJing at a rock night and having to put up with numpties asking you to play Rihanna... hey, we've all been there, haven't we?) and the shoutalong semi-instrumental 'Hot Friend' are catchier than a dose of chickenpox and will have you bobbing your head and smiling along.  And really, there's not much that beats that.  Definitely no signs of fowl play here then..,. oh jeez, see what I mean, the chicken puns are catching now - RUN!

Final thoughts:  Yeah, maybe the constant chicken references might be a bit clucking annoying for some (okay, sorry, last pun for now I promise!) but this is highly addictive garage rock with sax honking over the top which will appeal to anyone who likes good straight down the line rock 'n' roll that you can get up and dance to.  Give it a listen and cheer yourself up on these cold miserable autumn nights.  4 out of 5 stars.

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