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Viva le Rock: Muck and the Mires "Dial 'M' for Muck"

Muddy amazing! This Boston based garage band formed at the start of this millenium, but their musical heartbeat is firmly influenced by last century's '60s transatlantic beat music explosion. Releasing a handful of albums since, this latest batch of garage powerpop rock'n'roll really hits the spot. Their fab-four-mula of verse-chorus-verse-chorus leading to glorious guitar breaks ensures each track is both instantaneous and infectious. Vigorous backing vocals and hummable harmonies pervade their fast-paced jaunty sound. All twelve of these sub-three minute slices of guitar-led pop perfection prove irresistible to resist. It's lovable catchy retro guitar rock, especially on organ-infused 'Candy Apple Red' and the harmonica-led 'You Can't Run Away From Love', with the precision production providing a sprightly balance of nostalgia and the now."

9 out of 10. Mark Chadderton

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