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Raw Power Magazine: The Arrogants "Introducing ..."

When you are a young group and you are signed to a label for a first EP, there is sure to be generally happiness. When you play more in the style of the sixties garage revival and the label in question is Dirty Water Records, ecstasy is probably more like it. But what about when it is a group from Lille that has signed to the prestigious English label? Yes, it must look to them like a fairy tale version of garage rock!  Not even over 18 when they were discovered by Yvan Serrano (of the Dustaphonics and who produced said EP), The Arrogants must be on their little cloud.

And on listening to this debut EP, we can better understand the value of the label for our Frenchies: effective compositions, sharp guitars, flexible and dynamic rhythm, catchy melodies, inspired organ and the contract is more than satisfied. "Mr. Devil", "We're Arrogant", "Drunky Blues" and "It's an Experience" are all (nice) promises for the future.


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