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Uber Rock: Muck and the Mires "Dial 'M' for Muck

Anyone for some garage rock laden down with rock and roll melodies, backing 'Oohs and Ahhs', and plenty of shuffling back beats and authentic fuzz guitars? "Hell yeah" should be the reply and if that's the case then the oddly named Muck and the Mires have got an album for you.
'3 Steps' chucks in the lot to be fair and does so with much aplomb and it's mucho kudos from me for throwing in the organ and rollicking tambourine for good measure. Sweet opener.
The garage organ comes to the fore on 'Don't Write Her Off' and there's a good deal of attitude in these songs and just enough snot to offer something a little left field for the punks and the garage rockers, besides these cats are a right snazzy threaded combo giving it the 'we're a gang' image that always works for rock and rollers.
Sure there is a retro vibe going on especially on tracks like 'Someday' but in fairness it's some infectious songwriting they've hit upon and with a great production this is a raging triumph of a record. Some mean harmonica honking on 'You Can't Run' too.
'Dial M For Muck' is all about having a great time for half an hour and and there is no question the boys in the band achieve that and turn in an impressive record; from the happy go lucky keyboard honk of 'Candy Apple Red' to the dramatic 'Karalee' it never gets tired or boring.
Twelve songs in half an hour means it's short enough for everyone to enjoy so pick up the phone they're all alone who you gonna call? That's right, Muck and the boys. They'll show you a real good time baby.

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