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Fungal Punk: The Arrogants "Introducing..."

A trio of young gents who blend 60's garage, rhythm and blues before salting with a mod-esque flavour and vinegaring with a spite of psychedelia and surfiness. The band have trawled through past sonic sensations, swirled them around and come up with an output of their own with much room to manoeuvre and venture outwards. The release came to me via Dirty Water Records and yes - I have every right to expect much, the label have many classy releases to their name.

Scrambling in, undergrowth pushed aside and the first sonic shroom to puff its spores my way is named as 'Mr Devil', a very happening, 60's montage of feelgood vibrancy that bounces along on pure musical desire and gyrating dynamics borne from guts awash in this influential scene. The accuracy with which the acoustic walls are left piss stained, the semi-rickety rhythm, the gentle abrasion of sleazed snottiness and the Cuban heel beat all ingratiate this listener and I am fully enthralled. A real deep grooved opener that is well versed in its chosen sonic artistry and delivered quite ideally by these shaded ambassadors - yeah baby! Ghost ride carousel keys next with a jaunt in the jiggery and a monochrome B-movie backwash that all make for a character-clustered absorption known as 'We're Arrogant'. The song is an angularised assortment of tones that don't just sit right but somehow escape in unison with something resembling a song. It is a watershed of almost mismatched aural fabrics but with a little insight, some crafty noised up needlework the band scrape through. Not bad and in keeping with the style but, I expect better.

'Drunk Blues' chops, blows, snots up and peppers the listener with a clued in bout of multifaceted music that has many inspirations primarily borne from the musty vaults of yesteryear. The accentuation of the incessant keys, the veritable let loose and hang low liberation of the vibe and the somewhat slaggish cum loutish sluttery of the trap at the fore all magnetise those primitive instincts to penetrate deeper into the cunt of clattering cacophony. There are many reasons not to like this, there are an equal many facets that win your favour and I believe, that in the main, the latter aspect will win the day - pure absorbed generic shizzle to drown in. 'It's An Experience' lowers the heat, shuffles with a funkoid thermality that shakes off a constipated strain and pebbledashes with much effort. A sub-sinister rivulet of rhythm trickles down the main walls of tonality whilst all crashes and clashes blend in a garish shit splat of involving obsession. We are on a purist jaunt, with apologies absent and utter immersion the order of the day - the question is, can you take it? Individually the song works but how would it fare as part of a long, drawn out album - maybe a little too much I reckon but for now the thumbs get raised, albeit a little tentatively.

The CD here is an acquired taste and will be flying over and under the general rhythmic radars of the many. No doubt though, the ones in this specific tunnel of toneage will absolutely love this generic output and be seen dancing away beneath the psychedelic lights and getting their noise fix over and over again. I don't mind an injection of this melodic drug now and again and when in the genuine mood can really flow with the vibe man - why not, when in the zone then anything should go!

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