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Musica Inclasificable: The Dustaphonics "Big Smoke London Town"

After his award-winning debut album Party Girl, released in 2011 by the British label Dirty Water Records, it's time to hear the second material The Dustaphonics, one of the sets that surprised the world for its musical combination.

By way of hindsight, it all started around 2009 when Tura Satana, lush favorite actress filmmaker Russ Meyer and star of the cult classic Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, met French producer and DJ Yvan Serrano (aka Healer Selecta) and invited to compose the soundtrack for his next film. Given the good reviews received, was formally born The Dustaphonics.

Healer is the brain of the project, but the  voice  and body is Hayley Red; together liquefied repeat the sound made with lots of R & B, rock & roll, soul, boogaloo, frat rock, surf and garage.

Designed to be the ideal for a night of euphoric dance music, the 11 tracks gathered here do not disappoint and continue the line drawn on their first LP. Whether it's instrumental pieces as "Grand Prix" and "Fire Dance" or the frantic "Back To Mono", the material is enjoyed equally.

Without changing the sound obtained with their first album and trying to reinvent, The Dustaphonics are a good example that when something works, no need to change it. If you want a real holiday, here is a perfect choice.

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