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Dynamite Magazine: The Youth "Nothing But ..."

The Youth sound like a band that insiders would quickly speak about as the "next big thing". The four lads from Copenhagen make real R'n'B - not the stuff we see on MTV, but rather like the material of Bo Diddley or Jimmy Reed we all know. They cheerfully mix beat music and Garage resulting in a ridiculously energetic sound. The boys appear to have been inspired by the records of The Masonics, The Milkshakes and The Paisley Underground, amongst others. As a live act, they have already made a name for themselves amongst those in the know throughout Europe. Their debut "Nothing But..." has just been released, and it's very difficult to put a finger on one's favourite out of the thirteen tracks. "Bubblegum" is the first single, which also has a music video. The songs are all very similar in terms of tempo and arrangement. Only "Baby I'm Back" sticks out as a calmer, but no less cool example. Outstanding!  5 stars out of 5.

Jula Reichard

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