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Bananas fanzine: The Kneejerk Reactions – "the Indestructible Sounds of..."

The Kneejerk Reactions could almost be called The Usual Suspects: Sir Bald Diddley, Bruce Brand and Trevor Harding; adding Nasser Bousda on organ for this, their second long player. Like a good Medway combo, they nail 60 years of rock'n'roll to the masthead and barrell through 12 originals that mix garage, R&B, beat and surf with a little exotica and eastern sounds... In other worlds... ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL!

From the opening bars of "Houdini" through the soulful, fuzz-filled beat of "Give in to Temptation", with a nod to the Troggs with "Pounding", before ending with the spicy (mostly) instro "Habanero", you will be movin' 'n' groovin'.

This is definitely one for the feet! A thoroughly enjoyable record that you will play repeatedly. It's both original and familiar at the same time. If you are someone that wishes a 12th unreleased Milkshakes album would be discovered in the vaults, then get thee to thoust local record shoppe and pick up a copy. Heck, they even have a song called "Batgirl, I Love You"! Can't go wrong there!

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