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Sentireascoltare: The Youth "Nothing But..."

Have you ever wondered if there will ever come a day when this thing called rock'n'roll begins to bore you? It's a legitimate question, when you think about it. Some say it has lost its way, that rock music now seems unoriginal and not representative of what once was its main point, its youthful energy.

But then comes a disc from a rookie Danish quartet - called The Youth - and all these considerations are suddenly irrelevant. Revivalism, traditionalism, looking back at things past seem not only beautiful, but right. Inside we find the r'n'b of the Kinks, the garage of the Troggs, a whole world of guitars, simple, with no frills, straight rhythms, songs and counterpoint, and the feet don't stop moving. For heaven's sake, there's no revolution, no revelation that butchers the past; it does sound like something new. Really, The Youth seem  to not really care less. To them it seems that the Sixties are here and now.

With thirteen songs in half an hour they do not want to convince anyone, do not want to conquer the sycophants, those who care about public opinion: the mark of "if you like these sounds will love this record" is stamped on the disc with great strength. Danceable, sometimes angry, sometimes joyful, sometimes both, the tracks contained herein (starting with the initial "Come On"among the best on the album, a garage-roll at breakneck speed – the pub rock "Bubblegum", from "About To Run", in which the Danes seem to better the Black Lipsn to the sweet, disconsolate, "Baby I'm Back", which might think was penned by Question Mark & The Mysterians) represent a continuous reference to a slight longing that fades in joy, in the knowledge that no, rock'n'roll, as aged as it is, seems really still not be able to be boring.

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