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Bananas Fanzine: The Youth - "Nothing But..."

Here is the debut 12" waxing from one of the world's latest beat combo sensations, The Youth, and the songs peppered with their four on the floor, basic yet ear-catchingly energetic rhythms.

These guys were raised on daily spinnings of dusty old vinyl belonging to their parents and the results are evidently, instantly palpable. The guitars have some of that chunky Milkshakes from Kinks grittiness and there's also some good loose gravel to be found in Lasse Tarp's keen vocalising that also helps to reinforce their rattling rock'n'roll potential.

Although hailing from Denmark, the quartet decamped to Jorge Munoz-Cobo's Circo Perotti studios in Gijon, Spain, where they've laid down this wild, energetic foot-long for their growing coterie of fans. Although it is hard to pick favourites – the whole beastie is an enjoyable experience from start to finish – the likes of "Looking at You" and "Girls Like You" have a slightly edgy, if more pop sounding appeal, an added attraction in today's marekt, while the abrasive guitars and unrelenting drum kit action of "Save Me My Love" and "About to Run" have, collectively, a harder sounding angle, with the overall Youth-ful zeal of the group moving them closer to something approaching beat-punk.

Labels of convenience aside, this is a solidly sound investment that would work well at any soirée.

Review by: Lenny Helsing

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