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Bananas Fanzine: The Thanes - Dishin' The Dirt 7"

One thing the world can use is more Thanes records and, thanks to Dirty Water Records, this 45 shows why that's true. Lenny and the guys have a way of writing songs that sound like long lost classics.... They are THAT good!

"Dishin' the Dirt" has a super catchy organ riff that is interspersed with blasts of fuzz guitar and... Lenny sounds particularly gruff and ruff on this one. Killer solo too! "I Don't Want You" is based on a great dusty fuzzbox riff with nasty girl putdown lyrics and tuff vocals with a great breakdown solo.

No band is better in the studio (or live for that matter) and few are as good. If you like stompin' fuzz and attitude to spare, pick this one up - GREAT art sleeve (gatefold seven inch) too!

Review by: Richard

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