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Sad news for London's live music scene

After 14 years of some great gigs and club nights (including some organised by Dirty Water and others at which we've DJ'd) the Buffalo Bar, by Highbury & Islington tube station, will close its doors for the final time following its New Year's Eve party.  The building was recently bought and, at short notice, the new owners declined to renew the Buffalo Bar's lease, leaving the staff with no job for the new year and lots of music fans sad to see a much loved venue closed. At the time of writing there nothing has been said about the future of the basement space. We've personally had so many fantastic evenings at the venue over those 14 years, too many to be able to choose just one favourite. It will be much missed, not just by us, but by so many people.
Pictured are our old friends Gin Palace playing an Artrocker night back around 2004 or so.

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