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Raw Power Magazine: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds Of"

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Each year seems to bring new stamped out Sir Bald Diddley when it is not under the name, it is under Hipbone Slim, Nine Your Peanut Smugglers or under Kneejerk Reactions.  One swims here in the british happy 1960's, somewhere between Dowliner Sect and Animals. And as usual with and it is beautiful work, a strong and effective. A boosted keyboard, rhythmic which flaps, well felt fronts, the album fills out the specifications easily. "Houdini", "I Want You To Love," "Batgirl I Love You", "I Had I Had My Way", instrumental "Avian "or "Habanero " is to be added to the long list of impeccable pieces that delivers at intervals of Stakhanovite Sir Bald Diddley.

A beautiful demonstrated that despite a worn down, we could do all good things in this way.

Tracklisting : 1 Houdini / 2. I Want You To Love Me / 3. It’s a Jungle Out There / 4. Mover and a Shaker / 5. Batgirl, I Love You / 6. If I Had My Way / 7. Give in to Temptation / 8. Pounding / 9. Volatile / 10. Out of Reach / 11. Out of Here / 12. Habenero


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