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Raw Power Magazine: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

HEY! A new MFC Chicken album! You will take back some poultry frat rock?

The least we can say listening to this Solid Gravy is that the group has not lost the panache that made great Music For Chicken.

They always have the ability to move my ass, making me dance all over the place. It's full of humor, it's immaculately executed. What more can you ask?

Fourteen tracks, fourteen powerful tunes, perfect to bring up the atmosphere in the evening, securely carried through by a diabolical sax.

If you want a disc stamped "100% Fun", look no further, this new album is for you. You will not regret it.

MFC Chicken so handily pass the test of the second album with the colorful Solid Gravy.

Tracklisting : 01 Chicken 'Bout You / 02 Pocahontas / 03 (Get Outta The) DJ Booth / 04 Voodoo Chicken / 05 I'm Her Pet / 06 Hot Friend / 07 (Show Me The) Gravy, Baby / 08 Don't Wanna Talk About Chicken / 09 Well Now / 10 M.F. Sea Chicken / 11 Chicken Shack / 12 Horseshit / 13 White Leather Boots / 14 Dirty Little Bitch


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