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Red Rocket Zine: Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers "Square Guitar"

Sir Bald Diddley The inexhaustible back on the front of the stage with a new registered with Kneetremblers LP , it was bound to do so. Signed in Rennes Beast Records for the LP (the previous four were released on the label Beatman , Voodoo Rhythm) and Dirty Water Records (London) for the CD, Square Guitar fits perfectly into the bottomless discography of the man widely and should satisfy aficionados.
Assisted by John Gibbs on bass (Kaisers, Masonics, Wildebeests ) and Bruce Brand on drums (Waistcoats, Milkshakes, Masonics) or a line-up immaculate, Hipbone proposes a full of the usual titles influences surf reverb ("Bottom of My Heart") , rockab'rythmé ("Half Crazed Daddy") rythm'n'blues groovy ("Brand New Hat ") or instrument surf'n'roll (" Bald Tyre ") . A mishmash rock'n'roll rejoicing or hovering shadows of Bo Diddley , Chuck Berry, Hasil Hadkins , Dick Dale and Link Wray at each corner of the track.
A real treat to 's influences 50 fully digested , inviting them to go move his ball in the vaults (the band plays the wave mechanics on October 23) , and convinces once again the essential nature of "Britain's best kept secret" (Maximum rock'n'Roll) .


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