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Record Hunter: Never Knew I Had It So Bad - Thee Midniters (Whittier, USA, 1967)

Being mostly Mexican Americans the bands of East Los Angeles had a unique sound – neither white rock'n'roll nor black rhythm'n'blues/soul, they took a bit of everything and threw it in the pot, with great results. As well as writing their own songs, Thee Midniters (who may have been THE first band to use THEE as a prefix) covered other greats from the Rolling Stones to Wilson Pickett. The "northern soul" crowd claim this band as part of their genre. And so do the garage-rock crowd, obviously. And, yes, they do have a foot in both camps. But if you listen to the lyric, they're more garage than soul: "My father was an alkie, and my momma was no good, I had a sister that walked the streets, my little brother was a hood." Probably a true story....

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