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Dig It!: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds Of ..."

For their second album in six years (the first was published by Screaming Apple), the Kneejerk Reactions field a dozen titles under the patronage of the rhythm'n'blues of Chuck ,Howlin Wolf and Bo, proudly irrigated by the 60s British beat of the Downliners Sect or Yardbirds, and with  organ at the checkout for a clear garage sound. Like the first, it revives the harmonica and maracas that bring us near hits (Give In To Temptation, Want You To Love Me, It's a Jungle Out There ...) with concise and artful skill. It is surprising how good this is, given that the Kneejerk Reactions is comprised of someone in multiple groups, the very experienced Mark Painter, a.k.a. Hipbone Slim and also Sir Bald Diddley.

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