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Rare/sold out records found!

We moved offices recently and have found a lot of stuff we didn't realise we had left! There's not a lot left of them and some of them were thought sold out so if you want them get in there quickly. These are some of the records we've added to our shop tonight:

The Gruesomes - 13 Unlucky Hits LP
The Routes - Instrumentals LP
The Primordials - Fourteen Prime Numbers LP
The Insomniacs - Just Enjoy It LP
The Montesas - Wrong Side Of Town LP
Benny Gordini and Friends - Get Soul
The Cannibals - Hot Stuff LP
Best of Pebbles volume 3 - Caveman Stomp LP
The Dahlmans - All Dahled Up LP
The Morlocks - Emerge LP
The Del Shapiros - In It With 10"
Black Time - More Songs About Motorcycles and Death LP
The Cannibals - Christmas Rock'n'Roll 7"
The Bugs - Leavin' Here 7"
Louie and the Louies - Birdman 7"

More to come soon!

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