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Ye Imp: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

Rock and Roll Bloodnok style! North London’s finest poultry obessed combo have released their second platter of inspired lunacy, and my what a greasy splattered platter it is. Recorded in beautifully mono and featuring sax so oily it should be scooped up, whacked on yer barnet and fashioned into a DA this is the first record that I’ve heard this year that does strange things to my internal organs.

Pounding, drums, distorted chunking guitar, shimmering organ and bouncing bass all topped off with the aforementioned brylcreem saxophone. The poor speakers don’t alf take a pounding. Firing up with a nice little bit of Finbar Saunders style double entendre they don’t let up until The Cramps set in with the final tune with much merriment and capering to be had on the way.

Spencer Envoy (lead vocals and Sax) belts out a series of frantically barmy ditties. While yer usual angst driven tight trousered singer songwriter type is anxious to get across a MESSAGE, the Chicken concentrate on far more pressing matters -being kept as a pet, (I’m Her Pet) the dangers of the internet (Pocahontas) or just the invention of a new dance craze (Voodoo Chicken).

The highlights are plentiful but the stand out track – and deserves to be number 1 single (Get Outta The) DJ Booth should have you tapping those toes and nodding your head in agreement to the lines:

"She says hey DJ can you play me a song?/ It’s called Candle in the Wind by Elton John…NOOOO!"

We need more of this kind of gloop messing up our ear’oles. Recommended!

MFC Chicken Solid Gravy is out on Dirty Water Records.

Barry Ricketts

Dirty Water Records London