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KultuNaut: The Youth "Nothing But ..."

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The debut band The Youth: As hinted quite new, but both look and sound like something that belongs to about the Beatles in time with "She Loves You". But that's not unequivocally good or bad...

The Youth have the energy to focus on the debut Nothing But The Youth. The band is clearly in love with rock n 'roll from the time it was to rock n' roll and no longer called barbed wire. For the umpteenth time, one wonders why anyone wonder becomes so violently in love with the past and stick to it. In the early 00s, there was a huge wave of rock n 'roll, now lifted maybe once? In the mid-00s, there was indie rock everywhere, and now plays a lot (after a brief hint of grunge) either acid or 70s stoner rock of Black Sabbath.

The Youth are not just happy the Beatles early stuff, but also elements of the Rolling Stones or The Breakers occur on a debut, which at first listen does not move too much, unfortunately. The happy-go-lucky-like titles and lyrics are heard before, and the band plays we "only" honorable. In return, they play with a tremendous energy that others could learn from.

The song "Come On" is a good opener and represent actual plate style fine; there is time for it and the energy is the priority, even if the mix seems a little skewed. On the third song, "You're Leaving", there will be a surprise in the form of "bottleneck guitar", and it certainly gives effect to an otherwise standard walkway song. The song "Vicious" has a lovely melody, "Count" is extremely danceable, and before that, in the song "Bubblegum", we suddenly got a little harmonica. It is a delight to the ear.

One must assume that the plate is recorded as live as possible, both for energy and the concept. And the tiny glitches that have crept in, ends up being charming and not annoying. After the second and third time you listen to the plate has grown a great deal, and several of these songs are stuck. But even though the texts and their titles may be clichéd - the same terms. Clothes and hairstyle, etc. - then do it all of a sudden nothing in this case. Because there's really "just" a matter of following the concept, and this concept is very complete. 

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