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Record Hunter: Don't Need You No More c/w Boss - The Rumblers (Downey, USA, September 1962)

"Boss" was the a-side but I more usually play the flip, the excellent "I Don't Need You No More". I guess that "Boss" had the bigger impact at the time because they followed it up with "Boss Strikes Back" (on the nationally distributed Dot label, which re-issued "Boss"/"I Don't Need You No More" six months after its original release, which came out at that same time in the UK on the London label). Their first album also featured the songs "Boss Drums", "Boss Blues" and "Walking with the Boss". And in '64 they had a single called "Boss Soul". Everything was "boss" for the Rumblers. (In the 1960s "boss" was American teen slang for "cool" or "awesome". And maybe because of the transatlantic trade route it's still used in Liverpool today.)

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