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Dirty Water Records is happy to accept demos as we love finding new bands, and here’s a few guidelines:


We like rock'n'roll, garage, (proper) r&b, punk, powerpop, etc.  Look at our catalogue and listen to some of our bands if you don’t know them (although that should set off an alarm bell immediately, he immodestly writes).  If you aren’t anywhere near our sound you’re probably wasting your time and ours if you submit a demo.  Are you a folk band?  Forget it, unless you sound like Violent Femmes.  Are you a metal band?  Forget it, unless you sound like AC/DC.  Jazz?  Rap?  Modern R&B*?  No, no, and a thousand times no. That said, bands like Dustaphonics, Los Chicos and King Salami and the Cumberland 3 don’t neatly fit into any category…but they’re all rock’n’roll so we love them.

Finally, we won't release your record unless you have a human drummer, preferably a highly skilled one.

* Proper R&B - along the lines of Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and Jimmy Reed - will always have a seat at our table, however.



We have to:

  1. like your music,

  2. think it's good (not necessarily the same as nbr 1),

  3. think we can sell it, and

  4. be convinced you will work at least as hard as we do, but ideally harder.


We will accept digital submissions via Bandcamp, Dropbox, etc. but recommend you send at least a CD-R so we hear you nearer your best.  Photographs and bio are also recommended because we may not know who you are so sell yourself a bit.  If you have a discography we'd like to see that too, and anything else that tells us about you.  Postal address: Dirty Water Records, 47 Moresby Road, Flat 2, top floor, London E5 9LE, UK.


Like everybody else in the world we are very busy so can’t guarantee a response to every submission.  But if you don’t hear from us feel free to follow up and we’ll do our best to respond.  Please don't take it personally;  we have friends that we have sometimes taken a couple of months to get back to because there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything the way we want to do it.




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