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The Cretins

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The label that’s brought you teenage terrorists like Thee Vicars and Archie and the Bunkers are proud to announce the latest batch of sons we never wanted: The Cretins.

The Cretins are a Brighton/South London based 4-piece band, four friends coming together to blend their own brand of snotty garage punk, rock ‘n’ roll, and pounding rhythm & blues, gelled together by harmonising vocals and an energetic live presence. They take inspiration from the sounds of legendary groups such as The Kinks, Pretty Things, The Gruesomes, The Strypes & The Masonics to name but a few immortalising the music with their own inspired individual tastes.

Having originally formed early 2018 as a trio, The Cretins have already boasted appearances at events such as Beatwave, The Brighton Tattoo Convention and supported The X-Men, The Masonics, The Courettes, and King Salami and the Cumberland Three.

"Haven’t Got A Clue" is their debut single, the product of the band's maturity into songwriting. It is but a taster of things to come for one the freshest group to break into the scene in ages.




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