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The Cavemen

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Paul Cavemen - Vocals
Jack Caveman - Guitar, vocals
Nick Cavemen - Bass
Jake cavemen - Drums


You don’t use the name ‘Cavemen’ in New Zealand lightly. In polite company, any mention of the infamous Auckland punks registers merely cold stares and hushed voices. The group themselves even claim to be a ‘great band to clear a party.’

The Cavemen formed in high school over a shared love of glue and wild rock ‘n’ roll. Having spent several years drinking and loitering around the various basements, graveyards and parking lots of Auckland, The Cavemen honed their rock ‘n’ roll chops, emerging from their troglodytic existence in around 2012 to deliver NZ back to the stone-age.

Now, New Zealand’s most dangerous rock ‘n’ roll band have brought their depraved spectacle to the northern hemisphere. They arrived in London December 2015 and have plans to conquer Europe too. On the decision to move, the band’s singer, Paul Caveman, explains: ‘No bar will have us, no station will play us… we might as well fuck off too the other side of the world.’

The band have also just released their debut LP (on killer NZ label 1:12 Records). Available in toxic green and crystal clear vinyl it’s a heinous mix of vicious 77 punk and drooling rock ‘n’ roll. With song titles like ‘Pub’ and ‘Ghoul’ it’s a prime piece of monosyllabic mayhem. These guys are clearly young, drunk and pissed off and it’s a trip you don’t wanna miss. The record is available in London at both Sounds the Swing and All Ages Records and also through the group’s bandcamp page.

Of their manic live show, fellow NZ garage rocker Andrew Tolley perhaps said it best:

“Like voodoo possessed savages acting out their weekly rituals, these young cats bring a new kinda wildness to the Auckland scene. Fuelled by an obsessive passion for wild and fuzzy 50s/60s garage … their commitment to their frenzied live show is unmatched in local circles … outta the blocks like rabid dogs, they swing heartily like cavemen clubs and wail wickedly like the teenage stoneage psychos they are…”

Indeed, they channel everything from the Ramones to Elvis onstage. So catch ‘em before evolution does…


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