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Sir Bald Diddley:  Guitar, Vocals
Bruce 'Bash' Brand:  Drums
Mick 'Miguel - Barry' Quinn:  Bass
Dec 'Kid Wig' McCarthy:  Keyboards


So what do you seek? Pleasure? Leisure? Thrills? Spills? Action? Excitement? Adventure? Tricks? Kicks? Heat? Beat? Some combination thereof? Whatever you desire . . .

Here is the record that you need! And those Beat Seeking Missile chaps have all that any young hipster of this atomic age requires in abundance. Within the micro-grooves of this highest fidelity phono graphic short playing record you will find action-packed, electrifying, truly un-beatable sounds for all of you – today’s generation of beat-seekers.

If you didn’t know already, the Beat Seeking Missiles are four handsome young men, with a devil-may- care attitude, and an explosive sound. Despite their tender age the group’s members have already featured in some mighty fine rhythm, beat and pop groups some of which have topped the best-selling charts in both her majesty’s realm and further afield, in some foreign territories, colonies and such like.

Ever since the day they first touched paper and exploded on to the scene the Beat Seeking Missiles have barely looked back. At their first firecracker of a live and in-person appearance at the legendary Cellar Club, to be found somewhere below Oxford’s dreaming spires, the Beat Seeking Missiles blasted and blew away their young audience with a megaton of rock’n’roll excitement. Oh yes, the kids went ballistic! The chaps sure did rock-it. And it all went like a bomb. Pure dynamite! So I am told.

And surely the Beat Seeking Missiles will remain on an upward trajectory for some time to come. As the chaps themselves say (I paraphrase) they “have a rocket, you just can't lose it, it’s no deterrent baby, they are going to use it”. So well put and quite frankly who would want to deter these delightful young men and their rockets? Certainly not I. Good luck chaps. And enjoy the record kids! Surely, it won't be long before the whole world comes to know and love the Beat Seeking Missiles. I know I do!


  • Dr. Strangelove (7"), Dirty Water Records (2012)

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