Upcoming Dirty Water Club lineups


* Sunday 20 April: Shacklewell Arms Easter Sunday All-Dayer: The 45s, The Teamsters, The Baron Four, The See No Evils, The Doldrums, Paul Orwell and the Night Falls plus more to be confirmed

* Friday 9 May: Boston Arms: The Parkinsons / Dyin Shames / Los Pepes

* Thursday 29 May: Rhythmn Factory: Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds / MFC Chicken / BONE

* Friday 30 May: Jazz Cafe: The Dustaphonics album launch!

* Saturday 21 June: Shacklewell Arms: The Neon Hearts, Vertices, TBC

Shindig!: The Revellions “Give It Time”

The follow up to 2008’s eponymous debut from the Dubliners’ clearly hasn’t been without growing pains. One lost singer later and they are back. Should you care? If you have any interest in growly garage blues that mixes in The Music Machine with Beefheart then it’s an emphatic ‘yes’. The organ is still high in the mix, but like the excellent 2011 single ‘Sighs’ signposted there’s a new Mariachi horn element to the sound, giving a refreshing rootsy feel to the 60s garage template. From the murky downer-punk of opener ‘Bitter & Twisted’ to soulful ‘Don’t Wait For Me’ to the cinematic instrumental ‘The Waltz’ they’ve mined gold. The production isn’t doing them any favours, and they lack a melodic killer single to suggest a breakthrough. Yet repeated spins gives you time to luxuriate in the dark heart and soul of a band who have thrown off any temporary shackles to get here. Phil Moore/Shindig!

Louder Than War: The Revellions “Give It Time”

Finally, after a five year wait, The Revellions are back with their second LP, Give It Time, half soulful psych, half boozed out night.

Opening with the jiving beat of ‘Bitter & Twisted’, the band set out their stall right up there with such garage-stalwarts as The Cynics, but they soon show that there’s a lot more to them. By the second tune, ‘Sigh’, they’re already rolling out the soul that in beds itself throughout the first side. With a scattering of Maricahi trumpet interludes and rolling snares, it sets a groove that continues on to what is probably their most soulful offering, ‘Don’t Wait For Me’, with it’s stabbing rolling rhythm and glorious vocals drenching the first side before they make an about turn into what is surely the album highlight, the title track and halfway point,’Give It Time’. Suddenly The Revellions are sounding like a psych-soaked Nick Cave taking a night-time LSD road trip through a Lynchian desert before the finale surges upwards, backed with soul drenched horns, spiralling to the heavens. A classic, and one that is surely closing gigs to jaw-dropping punters.
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Ringmaster Review: The Youth “Fancy You” b/w “Your Love”

Merging a raw and hungry sound with an assured swagger, Danish band The Youth provides one of those refreshing adventures which merges nostalgia and modern endeavour into a one vivacious party. Crafting beat music with a fired up appetite to stomp all over the senses, the Copenhagen quartet thrusts eagerly and appealing through the ears with new single Fancy You. The two track release is a magnetic and contagious slice of energetic revelry, an engagingly abrasive seduction which infects feet and imagination with insatiable ease.
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Ringmaster Review: The Thanes “Dishin’ The Dirt”

We always have a healthy appetite for raw and fuzz bred sounds here and they do not come any more appealing than Dishin’ The Dirt, the new single from Scottish garage rock pioneers The Thanes. Consisting of two tracks which simply snarl at and rile up against the senses whilst treating them to a tasty blend of sonic acidity and melodic rapaciousness, the single is an infection soaked romp which ignites passions and commands feet.
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U&I Magazine: The Revellions “Give It Time”

The arrangement of opening song “Strung Out Bad” builds anticipation from the soulful feel of the arrangement before procuring a true finesse in the progression that stays the course.  This dutifully stirs the musical side with matched deliberation.  Next comes “Don’t Wait For Me”.  Picking up from the off, the addition of a brass section in the tempo gives it a lift while the charming run in the delivery tells a lot.  An anticipated spirit pushes out on it that appropriately catches the tracking to bring it full circle.  A 60s Roadhouse / Psychelelic vibe elevates the appeal of “Bitter & Twisted”.  All the playing is sensibly factored in, while there is a distinction in the vocals that appropriately fixes itself in the running.  It brings a heavy urgency that is kept in check along with everything else.
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Great new releases from Dirty Water!

The new Thanes 7″/download and Revellions LP/CD/download are available now from our Shop.  Coming soon:

  • Kneejerk Reactions LP/CD
  • Muck and the Mires LP/CD
  • The Arrogants 7″
  • The Youth LP/CD
  • Los Peyotes 7″
  • MFC Chicken LP/CD
  • The Dustaphonics LP/CD
  • and much more as we are back, Baby, BACK!



ROCK: Los Chicos “In The Age Of Stupidity”

Los Chicos is a femhodet rock’n’roll machine picking up of the best ingredients from The Cramps, The Fleshtones, The Lust-O-Rama and Willy B Review. Season so with a dash of new wave ala Wreckless Eric and a hint of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, so do all that this Spanish band sucks nourishment from a deep dish with exquisite ingredients.

With two guitarists pumps garagerockete riffs and biting solos both against and with each other, tough rhythm section and a distinctive throat singer on top, stock Los Chicos garage rock’n’roll-fest from beginning to end.

Moreover, they lasted up with nice songs could just as easily have been written and recorded 45 years ago as in 2013. “In The Age of Stupidity” is Los Chicos’ fifth album and is sure to spin regularly in my living room for a long time.

Dag Bøgeberg